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The Method of the Internal Arts by You Zhi Qiong explores the author’s travels through the countries of Tai Chi, Bagua and Xing Yi and his essays and observations on the practice and perfection of the skills involved. Many modern issues including the overall discussion of exactly what is happening during internal practice are covered. Traditional Chinese. Some instruction. NEW.


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One of the most famous of Shaolin staff sets, the Feng Mo Gwun. This “evil demon” staff concentrates on the “reverse” grip used by the equivalent of Chinese ninjas.

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This two book series delves into the relatively lesser known Song style Xing Yi. It gives  a survey of the style including the basic sets as well as an “iron bolt” form and the “3 Blossoms Partner set”. Also a restock of Sun Ru Xian’s little instruction book: Xing Yi Quan.


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For a long time we’ve been trying to collect the entire large series on that big Northern style known as MiZong or Lost Track. We’ve finally added the sixth one in the series for the first time we’ve been able to offer it. This volume on Lost Track usage.


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And all that’s not to mention the return of this very unsual package on LiuHe BaFa complete with book and DVD showing the set five different times.

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