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NOTE: Please be aware that we only have one or two copies of some of these. Many aren't even in print any more. Even if it is listed here it may already be out of stock (we'll try to keep it updated but they may go fast).

Tai Chi with Gu Ru Zhang NEW! Hong Branch of Chen Tai Chi TC640
Traditional Chinese Characters
300 pages, photographs and DVD,

The Hong branch of Chen Tai Chi is a fluid, elegant and graceful style developed by Hong Jun Sheng, passed through Hong Guo to Yang Xi Shuo, the author of this book. The long 81 movement form is shown, along with many applications, most of which are throws.  The book covers the long form, qigong and health, those generous applications, and principles according to physics.

But that is not all. The enclosed DVD contains the full long form plus a 24 manner set; some excellent Chi exercises to train Tai Chi flavor; and a healthy representation of two-person applications—emphasizing Chin Na— along with a generous helping of Chen Push Hands practice. The final bonus: a definitely learnable Tai Chi short stick of at least medium complexity. Yang's movements are large and smooth, and the instruction is clear. We have other DVDs from the Hong branch of Chen Tai Chi but none with its short stick series. Simplified characters.



We have one copy remaining of this title in Simplified Characters. If you would like this copy instead, click below.

Wu Style Tai Chi 37 Manners - TC342
by Zhao Qin
$16.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
184 pages, Softbound. Illustrations. 2009.

This is a nice, organized presentation of Wu style Tai Chi with a 37 posture routine and intermittent appplications. The teacher, Zhao Qin, fought against the Japanese during World War II. e is an ardent promoter of Tai Chi and approaches it with a scholar's reserve and precision. He is strongly influenced and a defender of Wang Pei Sheng, whom he considers a major figure in the Tai Chi field. He is also a great promoter of Chinese philosophical texts like Yi Ching and considers them simple yet profound classics.


Tai Chi with Gu Ru Zhang TC815 YANG style Tai Chi Chuan
by Fu Zhong Wen
Traditional Chinese Characters;
148 pages, line drawings, softbound

This is a good book for the Tai Chi library for one main reason; it shows illustrations of the portly gentleman known as Fu Zhong Wen demonstrating the Yang set. Starting with Yang Chen Fu himself, Fu is considered by some to be one of the most perfect examples of Yang form even exceeding famous members of that very family. His physical resemblance to Yang Chen Fu might answer for some of this but his fidelity for detail is the product of much practice—a whole life’s worth—not just some superficial resemblance. For our Tai Chi enthusiasts, a good suggestion. For our Yang Tai Chi students, a must.


Tai Chi Cuan Pu Li Dont Bian Wei He BianC067X Wudang True Teaching
The Complete Book of Tai Chi Quan
By Yu Hua Xing, 146 pages, old photographs, $16.95

This is one of the first books written on WuDang style Tai Chi. The author knew some real luminaries, Li Jing Lin, Yang Ban Hou and Yang Chen Fu. This books discusses the classics and principle of Tai Chi. The we are given the entire long set, based on the Yang Chen Fu model, shows a different, even longer variation of the solo set. The pictures and postures are instructive and nice examples of the quality of martial arts in the early part of the 20th century. The set is shown in 385 photos, just about the most broken down next to a video. There is a short section of Push Hands to close the book. A fine document showing the art at a crucial time in its development.


Tai Chi with Gu Ru Zhang

SC530 Internal Boxing Methods (Essays)
by You Zhi Qiong 左致強
Traditional Chinese Characters;
160 pages, photographs, $16.95

Musings and essays by a long time student of the art. After a lifetime of studying with people such as Feng Zhi Qiang and Li Jing Wu this Muslim gentleman has compiled his writings on the whole subject of Nei Jia practice. Besides showing some internal cultivation methods he discusses many aspects of martial culture with a special concern for Wu De (martial virtue) and the truths of Nei Gong practice.


Tai Chi with Gu Ru Zhang
C123 T'ai Chi Ch'uan
by Gu Ru Zhang  顧汝章
Traditional Chinese Characters;
190 pages, old photographs,

Gu Ru Zhang is known worldwide as the master of the Northern Shaolin system. He is far lesser known for what some people consider his superior calling as a master of Cha style. And then he is even lesser known for his expertise in Tai Chi Chuan. A friend of Sun Lu Tang who taught him Tai Chi, his version that came through Sun of Yang style is an unusual combination of Yang style and Sun’s own characteristics. In this book, besides the form broken down, there are a number of introductory statements. One section focuses on the basic principles of Yin and Yang with some interesting illustrations. The last section in the book concentrates on Push Hands and, for its time, was one of the longer essays on this art. Really a key book for its time by someone who was not among the well known Tai Chi inner circle.

More about Gu Ru Zhang's life...

Tai CHi Ancestor's secrets C031X
Tai Chi Chuan Ancestor's Methods Clarified
Compiled by Wang Jin Wu:
Traditional Chinese Characters; over 220 pages, illustrated, softbound $17.95

This is a reprint of writings by Wang Jin Wu, author of "Tai Chi Explanations." The illustrations are very basic. The writings explore Tai Chi and its antecedents such as Li Dao Zi's Pre Heaven Boxing, Cheng Yun Di's 9 Small Heavens Boxing, Chang San Feng's 13 Postures, etc. He also deals with the Tai Chi Songs and other classical writings, the Tan Tian, Opening and Closing, there is then a breakdown of all major moves in the Yang set, then sections on Tai Chi foot and body work. A very early explication of Tai Chi's principles.

Li style  Tai Chi Classic Reprint: C011X
Li's version of T'ai Chi Chuan
by Li Hsian Wu
Traditional Chinese Characters; 201 pages, $13.95

This book, published in 1933, was written by a student of Liu Fang Shen. It is said to be WU style but the postures are longer, larger frame and more like typical Yang. The costume and the general movements of this early Tai Chi book are pretty well known among Tai Chi scholars. The book is nicely laid out and reproduced.


Tai Chi by Yang Chen Fu

LionBooks C062
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Complete
by Yang Chen Fu
Traditional Chinese Characters; $13.95

The famous book of Yang demonstrating postures of the Long Fist. Nicely reproduced with clear printing this is a basic reference for the whole world of Yang Long Set. Also a section on Push Hands and some indication of applications. But, really, this books is famous as a clear photographic reference.


TaiCHi 9 Secrets

Tai Chi 9 Secrets 81 Postures Explained
by Wu Meng Hsia & Wu Bei Feng
Traditional Chinese Characters;  $10.95

This is a book on the legacy of Yang Ban Hou's Tai Chi. Wu Meng Xia studied Shaolin in his youth. Then Xing Yi, Ba Gua and Tai Chi. Among his teachers were Niu Lian Yuan ( a Yang Ban Hou student), Han Mu Xia and Gao Yi Sheng. These are said to be the secret transmissions from Yang Ban Hou. The book starts with very brief descriptions of each posture and how it is applied then continues to commentaries on the oral and written transmissions of Tai Chi.

Example: "Cai Zai Shi Zhi." Plucking is in the ten fingers. Plucking (Cai) is to use form grabbing strength, it therefore uses the strength of the ten fingers using gripping power." It gives key phrases and condensed concepts.

Also, we have a partial translation of this book available from Marcus Brinkman.



Tai Chi Cuan Pu Li Dont Bian Wei He Bian

Tai Chi Chuan Pu Li Dong Bian Wei He Bian
by Xu Zhen
Traditional Chinese Characters;
70+ pages, no illustrations, softbound, $9.95

The Published April, 1937 in Shanghai. This book discusses the Primal Chaos theory and distinguishing the principles of Tai Chi. Topics survey some unusual ideas such as Yueh Fei's and Jian Fa's contributions: Wang Tsung Yueh's writings, Wu Yu Hsiang writings, Li Yu Yi's own writings and more. The author is credited with doing initial historical work on Tai Chi that lead to the idea that the Yang Family Tai Chi we currently practice mixes Chen family Pao Chui with softened input from Jiang Fa. Text Only.

Tai CHi Length and BredthA418
The Length and Breadth of Tai Chi
by Jung Wen Yuan
Traditional Chinese Characters;
151 pages, softbound, $13.95

This is a series of essays by a student of Shih Lin-Jiu. They indeed cover the length and breadth of the art talking about such things as: Tai Chi Classics; Push Hands; practice methods; Fa Jing; Internal Practice; Hard and Soft; Standing practice and more. Short, not too difficult traditional Chinese. No illustrations.



Tai Chi Essays

Tai Chi Chuan Essays Reprinted
by Zhang Dun Xi:
Traditional Chinese Characters;
265 pages, color photographs, softbound, 1999, $18.95

Tai Chi Quan Lun Zi. This Tai Chi book starts with a complete, color presentation of over 130 postures performed by the author. The rest of the volume is entirely text. Essays and articles cover diverse topics: Tai Chi's origins, major ideas, spread, the Eight Methods, Reeling Silk, Yang Family TC, cavities, Tai Chi is "one family", correct practice, self defense, correct practice and many other considerations.