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Evolution of Wing Chun Kicking Techniques

Happy to announce the arrival of an important new text in the Wing Chun canon: The Evolution of Wing Chun Kung Fu Kicking Techniques.  Osmond Lam’s beautiful book not only shows us some of the principles behind Wing Chun’s special and only sporadically known kicking methods, but adds a good portion of background technique on […]


How to Work the Dummy

It’s solid teak, something that your hand will not let you forget if it happens to meet the wooden body straight on. This reminds us that the first requirement in working with a dummy is that we not injure ourselves so badly that we have no choice but to stop working with the dummy. Also, […]


The Boxing of the Five Ancestors (Updated!)

Though there is a lot of “cross-pollination” in the Northern styles of Kung Fu, it sometimes seems that the Southern boxing forms are particularly adaptable to hybrid forms. Is this possibly because their fighting envelopes are so close to one another? Here are two new books on one of the major hybrids known as the […]


Randy Williams Complete in 28 Volumes (special sale!)

The prolific Randy Williams issued, over the years, a 28 volume set of DVDs that encompasses a detailed view of Wing Chun. With wit, intensity, and a thorough approach to his subject, he covers Wing Chun Basics, Training Methods Lop Sau and Chee Sau, Combat Drills and Techniques, Wooden Dummy training, PLUS the three hand […]


The Eternal Ring of Wing Chun

Here is the first book in English on the practice of the Bamboo Ring particularly as it relates to Wing Chun and other southern forms of Kung Fu.


Randy Williams has landed

In our “spare time” we plan to put up a few videos of products especially to encourage people to view new styles and some traditional arts. We have just loaded a segment of the well-known instructor Randy Williams demonstrating  adaptations of his beloved Wing Chun style to the ground. There  will of course be some […]