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Choy Lai Fut


A Gathering Indeed

Friday, we drove south, over 350 miles to Monterey Park, in Los Angeles, in answer to Sifu Don Hamby’s invitation to attend his 3rd Annual Kung Fu Gathering of the Masters. Despite expectations based on decades of tournaments and events, we could not have anticipated what we encountered once the drumming started. Sifu Hamby, widely […]


Choy Lay Fut Returns

Just a short, happy announcement that we have been able to restock a few of these long-out-of-stock Choy Lay Fut (Tsai Lee Fo) DVDs. We only were able to find a few, but for the time being, we have a nice sample to offer again. (click image to go to page)


How to Work the Dummy

It’s solid teak, something that your hand will not let you forget if it happens to meet the wooden body straight on. This reminds us that the first requirement in working with a dummy is that we not injure ourselves so badly that we have no choice but to stop working with the dummy. Also, […]