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Review: Essence of Lien Bu Chuan

We want to congratulate Artie Aviles, James Man Chin and Nelson Tsou on two excellent reviews they have received for their book “The Essence of Lien Bu Chuan.” We are especially grateful to both Nick Scrima at The Journal of Chinese Martial Arts, and Nancy Fiano, from the Xinyi Dao Academy and the World Fighting […]


More on the Mei Hua Kung Fu style

More notes on Mei Hua Quan •Some Forms of Mei Hua Style: Mai Fu (Ambush Fist) Shi Zi Tang (Cross Forms) Mei Hua Tai Zu Chang Quan Mei Hua Quan Five Tigers Grab the Sheep Penetrating Forest Palm Eight Directions Boxing Mei Hua Spear Green Dragon Sword •Our Mei Hua VCDs •Some sources indicate MeiHua […]


Muslim Kung Fu: The Fist of the Bodyguards

Comment: Of the over 700 articles and opinion pieces on the martial arts I’ve published, this one on Muslim Kung Fu has probably gotten the most reactions. Letters and question from all over the world have flooded in. There is a lot of interest there in Jiao Men, Islamic martial arts. Here is the first […]


Appreciation: Double Swords, Flying Blades

There is at least one weapon in Kung Fu practice that is generally taught only to women. In fact, I have never—that I recall—taught this to a male practitioner. Leaving aside the irony of a male teaching a “female only” weapon (I’ll discuss how THAT works at the end of this article), I think it […]


Northern, Southern, Inside and Out

A few restocks for your reading pleasure—click images for more info Hung Kuen Fundamentals: Gung Gee Fook Fu (English/Chinese)This exceptional first volume of the Lam family Hung Kuen series is back in stock! We cannot say enough good things about this beautiful and comprehensive treatment on Hung Gar Fundamentals. We are so pleased to be […]


Adam Hsu’s Basic Kung Fu Training Books

Much earlier in his career, Adam Hsu Sifu created a special series of three linking sets. Each of these were progressively designed to waste as little time as possible, getting that crucial fundamental information to the students. For instance, there are no repetitious sections. Also, each movement is a crucial basic. Two of these sets […]