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This is a list of schools and teachers that we recommend.


Plum & the 25th Anniversary Kung Fu Tai Chi Tournament

Join us for the Kung Fu Tai Chi 25th Anniversary Festival and tournament in San Jose on May 19-21. We don’t get out much—certainly not as much as we would like—but this year we are showing up to celebrate Tiger Claw’s Anniversary, by attending the festivities, including the Grandmaster’s demo on Friday night, the Saturday […]


Instructor’s Notebook #29: Metaphorically Speaking

Teachers have tools, great teachers make tools. But that’s not all. Students also make tools, in their minds. And the persistent teacher will go inside those active minds too, creating new ideas and ways to view things. All, of course, to the student’s benefit. Everyone who teaches the martial arts can fall victim to micro-management […]


Adam Hsu Linking Form in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, California Start the summer off with this new/traditional Kung Fu Linking Form. PLUM is sponsoring a 6 class seminar at our sister school, the Academy of Martial & Internal Arts. You’ll learn the first Linking Form created by world-famous instructor Adam Hsu. He developed this Kung Fu form almost 50 years ago, and […]


New Seminars at our School in Santa Cruz

We’re happy to announce some new seminars and classes, for May, June and July, at our studio in Santa Cruz, CA. If you are interested and in the area, please click any of the pics below to take you to our school site. We’d love to see you!


Qigong, Kung Fu and Xing Yi in Santa Cruz

Some new entries in our seminar series taking place in Santa Cruz at our martial arts Academy. For those in the area, we’d love to see you! A Martial Arts Qigong for Health: Eight Brocades Qigong (Ba Duan Jin) The most well-known of the more than 1000 Qigong routines, Ba Duan Jin is simple to […]


Recommended School: White Crane Boxing, Montreal

This is the first of Plum’s series on exceptional and traditional Kung Fu schools. Of course, proximity is the first requirement but in the case of a good martial teacher, driving a little extra can prove to mean a lot. This school, offering Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu and run by sifu Lorne Bernard, is […]