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Southern Kung Fu Makes An Entrance

              Fu Jow Pai Sifu Paul Koh has just released 4 new titles, and we are excited! These new books are beautifully done, and add English language instruction to the Southern Kung Fu canon, which is always in need of traditional material. The books, all found HERE, cover Tiger […]


NEW! Authentic White Crane Kung Fu Book

In traditional Kung Fu, we often talk about the shape of an Art, although that shape cannot always be easily defined. It might include a short list of specific qualities, a couple of hard-won principles, certain approaches to its qigong, methods learned from its secret songs…It is elusive and typically closely-held. The experienced eye might […]


That Beautiful White Crane

From the Northern reaches of the continent, a White Crane has flown in, bringing a new DVD from Quebec-based Sifu Lorne Bernard. We are always impressed with Sifu Bernard’s skills, along with his presentation of his own teacher’s instruction, so a second volume in his popular DVD series is a welcome event. This new one […]


The Karate/Kung Fu Connection: Bubishi

Just arrived, TWO books: the premier translation of the martial-world famous Bubishi by Patrick McCarthy; AND more stock on the gorgeous hardcover edition of The General Tian Wubeizhi: The Bubishi in Chinese Martial Arts. The convergence of these two–the translation (Bubishi) and the commentary (General Tian’s Wubeizhi)–mirror the revelations contained in these two texts concerning […]


A Welcome Guest: The Hakka Fist

I have a friend, Tek Young Lin, who is a born storyteller. He can weave a tale with every nuance–the smell, the expressions, the details–all brought to life. He can twist a yarn about anything or nothing. In fact, he tells a wonderful Daoist story about collecting holes, and how his best friend almost tumbled […]


Recommended School: White Crane Boxing, Montreal

This is the first of Plum’s series on exceptional and traditional Kung Fu schools. Of course, proximity is the first requirement but in the case of a good martial teacher, driving a little extra can prove to mean a lot. This school, offering Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu and run by sifu Lorne Bernard, is […]