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The Lightest Touch, the Heaviest Load

Kung Fu hides many of its secrets in terms of opposite qualities such as fast/slow, open/close, light and heavy. But don’t let the words obscure the story. The names are significant, but it’s their entwined relationship that holds the real stash. Take heavy and light. In the martial arts community, especially the Chinese branch, there […]


Tony Yang & Bajiquan: A Repeat Appearance

Just a quick note to say we are now stocked, once again, on Sifu Tony Yang’s elusive 2 part DVD on Bajiquan. Yang Sifu studied Bajiquan in the Wutan tradition with Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao, in Taiwan, and has been teaching this for many years. If you’ve been waiting, get them while they are here! […]


Muslim Kung Fu: The Fist of the Bodyguards

Comment: Of the over 700 articles and opinion pieces on the martial arts I’ve published, this one on Muslim Kung Fu has probably gotten the most reactions. Letters and question from all over the world have flooded in. There is a lot of interest there in Jiao Men, Islamic martial arts. Here is the first […]


Adam Hsu’s Bajiquan Trilogy: Volumes 2 & 3 Are Here!

At Last! After more than one year’s anticipation, not just the second installment of Adam Hsu’s magnificent Bajiquan trilogy, but the fabulous third and final volume have both arrived. There is so much in this series of Baji DVDs that we’re just going to suggest that you either look at the descriptions on the sale […]


Remarkable Adam Hsu

Not for the first time, Sifu Adam Hsu is doing something remarkable. And, as with many projects that fall into the ‘remarkable’ category, it is also different enough that a few words of explanation are not mis-spent. In fact, he is producing something completely new based on one of the most traditional methods for teaching […]


Your Future in Bajiquan

We’ve returned from our vacation and, guess what! Not one but TWO new volumes in Sifu Adam Hsu’s Baji Thunder DVD series are on the horizon. Volume Two should be available in the next month, and Volume Three will follow shortly after that. It just gets better. More on this very soon.


Restock: A few favorites return

We are always adding new titles to our Chinese book section, but every once in a while we are happy to see some old friends cycle back through. Our most recent shipments have landed limited quantities of those below (and more to come!)   Bajiquan Illustrated: A gem of a book with photos of GM […]


Baji Thunder: New lower Price!

We are happy to announce a price drop on the monumental first series of Baji Thunder from Sifu Adam Hsu. The price on the 7-DVD set (over 8 hours long) will drop from $210.00 to $195, with the Plum price of $185. And all orders received before the start of Chinese New Year will enjoy […]


Baji Quan: The Most Complete Presentation

Here at last! Anyone not stamping his feet in anticipation of this 7 DVD set from Sifu Adam Hsu on Baji Thunder, is probably not a Baji practitioner…at least, not yet. This comprehensive offering is so detailed and thorough, it will remind you of only one experience in your martial career: the indescribable treasure of […]


The Bowman and the Tiger: excerpt

The following story is told in China: A hunter in ancient times was out on a moonlit night when he saw a tiger seated some ten meters away. Frightened, he tensed his bow and with all his intent he let loose his arrow, because if he did not kill the tiger fast, the tiger would […]


Stamp Your Feet for Bajiquan (Pachi Chuan)

As mentioned, we have a lot going on at Plum right now, and here is just the newest in our list of great events: the FIRST book in english on Bajiquan (Pachi Chuan.) Not only that, but it comes  from the renowned teacher, Su Yu Chang, whose lineage through GM Liu Yun Chiao adds to […]


The Three Eights

It is not typical to see them this way, but you could make an argument that most “styles” in martial arts are just about space…