Recommended School: White Crane Boxing, Montreal


Flying Crane Boxing


White Crane Weapons

This is the first of Plum’s series on exceptional and traditional Kung Fu schools. Of course, proximity is the first requirement but in the case of a good martial teacher, driving a little extra can prove to mean a lot.

This school, offering Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu and run by sifu Lorne Bernard, is a good one to start our list. Watch any one of the three videos linked to these images, and you can get a real feel for sifu Bernard’s open attitude, wide range of experience and dedicated service to the martial community. An exceptionally honest and observant instructor, he shows high concern for the quality of his student’s experience. Classes include conditioning, equipment—including iron palm, self-defense, weapons, sparring and more. Qualified instructors. Probably not the school if you are studying ten other forms of martial arts right now. His very detailed and practical approach to the art requires a bit of concentration and is well worth it.

A great space with modern and classical training equipment. I almost couldn’t resist working with the Chin Na jugs. Each of these pictures links to different interview topics with sifu Lorne Bernard.


Comparison between White Crane and Choy Lai Fut


Academie White Crane Kung Fu
Sifu Lorne Bernard
1545 Blv. Le Corbusier
Laval (Quebec) H7S 2K6
Phone. : 450.681.1197

Click on any image and it will take you to a video linked to his school.

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  1. Many years ago, his school was in old Montreal and he shared space with the taiji school that had been started by the late Lee Shiu-pak and continued after his death for many years by Lee’s senior students. I met Mr Bernad once or twice when attending taiji workshops there and was impressed by his skill and commitment to teaching the forms and methods of his system. His current premises are impressive as his continued commitment to the White Crane he has learned so well.

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