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Mei Hua Quan


The Excitement That is Meihuaquan

You’ve probably noticed that we have a hard time containing our enthusiasm when we add special items to our catalogue. As many know, we hand-pick each title that we represent, so by the time we offer it to you we already have a good assessment. But face it: some books and DVDs are even MORE […]


Lofty Mei Hua Quan

We’ve all seen the pictures: stealthy practitioners holding postures (usually single-legged) atop wooden poles. These, my friends, are the iconic images most associated with the under-recognized style of Mei Hua Quan (Plum Blossom Boxing). But under-recognized no more! This new book, Mei Hua Quan Tong Yi, adjusts the balance of how little (or much) is […]


More on the Mei Hua Kung Fu style

More notes on Mei Hua Quan -Some Forms of Mei Hua Style: Mai Fu (Ambush Fist) Shi Zi Tang (Cross Forms) Mei Hua Tai Zu Chang Quan Mei Hua Quan Five Tigers Grab the Sheep Penetrating Forest Palm Eight Directions Boxing Mei Hua Spear Green Dragon Sword -Our Mei Hua VCDs -Some sources indicate MeiHua […]