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Southern Exposure: Pak Mei and 10 Animals

YIKES! Update! Wait! We were wrong about one of the Pak Mai books—instead of sending us 2 Sam Choi books, the publisher sent us one Sam Choi and one Thomas Cheng book on Pak Mei! This is the revised post. So sorry! Some great news: we have been (finally) able to restock three extremely popular […]


3 Southern Styles

Southern Kung Fu styles are under-represented in martial literature, as almost any Southern practitioner can tell you. So we make a special effort at Plum to seek out the best material we can offer.   Which is why an announcement of two new products and a long-waited restock is a bit of a celebration: A […]


The Hakka Testimonial

300 Years of Hakka Kung Fu is definitely a gift book for a martial collector/scholar. Last year Hong Kong, after having erected a statue of Bruce Lee, sponsored an exhibition of 300 years of Hakka Kung Fu. This was a good decision because the cluster of Kung Fu styles that make up the constellation of […]


A Welcome Guest: The Hakka Fist

I have a friend, Tek Young Lin, who is a born storyteller. He can weave a tale with every nuance–the smell, the expressions, the details–all brought to life. He can twist a yarn about anything or nothing. In fact, he tells a wonderful Daoist story about collecting holes, and how his best friend almost tumbled […]