That Beautiful White Crane

white crane kung fuFrom the Northern reaches of the continent, a White Crane has flown in, bringing a new DVD from Quebec-based Sifu Lorne Bernard. We are always impressed with Sifu Bernard’s skills, along with his presentation of his own teacher’s instruction, so a second volume in his popular DVD series is a welcome event.

This new one goes further into Flying Crane’s many usage routines, with a healthy peppering of talks, both interview and Q&A, between Sifu Bernard and his teacher. Lee Joo Chian. The addition of quality material in a still under-represented style of traditional Kung Fu makes us want to shake our wings (and encourage you to check out this important material).

And if you want a video taste of the wonderful Lorne Bernard, check out this post: click on the picture links, and you will find some great material on him, his school, and the style he teaches.

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  1. I met Mr. Bernard in the late 1980s as his club was associated with the tai chi club that I practised with in those days. He was talented then and I see from his recent videos that the skill remains and has deepened.

    A pleasure to see a great and traditional Canadian White Crane instructor get the recognition he deserves.

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