Coloring in the Picture: Bubishi and Hakka styles

The Colorful Bubishi…
We now carry both the Bubishi and the new Lion Books, General Tian’s Wubeizhi, with painted figures. This special copy is unlike all other copies presently known. In an amazing confluence of facts, we just happened to read the following footnote in Patrick McCarthy’s Book on Bubishi:

… According to Mr. Yoza [one of the people interviewed], there was a colored facsimile made from the Bubishi owned by his uncle Go Kenki. Originally, the picture of the Busaganashi [Protective Deity] is said to have been colored. Since Mr. Yoza’s painting [of one of the door Gods] is very similar to the Busaganashi found in the Bubishi, it is presumed that the original (edition of the Bubishi) was brought to Okinawa together with Go Kenki’s edition from which the facsimile was made.

Could the Wubeizhi we represent at Plum contain one of these earliest versions with its rare color section of fighting paintings?

Also: here is a lengthy presentation from a Taiwanese White Crane studio. This documentary, running 57 minutes, is subtitled in English. It shows us a section of students examining the WuBeiZhi, at around 29.50 minutes. The relationship between the Wubeizhi and White Crane is well-documented; as a matter of fact, the version we sell has a section entitled “Craneformation.”




Southern Kung Fu





Further information on the Hakka 300 Years book and project.
Of course it’s not always possible to go to Hong Kong, so we not only offer this beautiful collector’s book edition, but have researched some on-line video demonstrations (mostly in Chinese) on this crucial exhibit and archival project.





This first one is all in Chinese, with many participants from the book. It is mostly demonstrations including the huge Hakka staff, so the language is no barrier. At least 10 forms in this 11 minute presentation.

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