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Principle-Driven Skill Development

A book like Principle-Driven Skill Development was inevitable. The western attraction to de-construction can be highly functional and, as demonstrated here, is particularly applicable to martial principles. In this book, teacher Russ Smith not only presents solid information but dissects years of experience to show the foundational principles of martial studies. He really thinks about […]


Coloring in the Picture: Bubishi and Hakka styles

The Colorful Bubishi… We now carry both the Bubishi and the new Lion Books, General Tian’s Wubeizhi, with painted figures. This special copy is unlike all other copies presently known. In an amazing confluence of facts, we just happened to read the following footnote in Patrick McCarthy’s Book on Bubishi: … According to Mr. Yoza […]


The Karate/Kung Fu Connection: Bubishi

Just arrived, TWO books: the premier translation of the martial-world famous Bubishi by Patrick McCarthy; AND more stock on the gorgeous hardcover edition of The General Tian Wubeizhi: The Bubishi in Chinese Martial Arts. The convergence of these two–the translation (Bubishi) and the commentary (General Tian’s Wubeizhi)–mirror the revelations contained in these two texts concerning […]


The Bible of Karate

What is the Bubishi? It is many things, but it’s most common attribution is “the Bible of Karate.” Why should Chinese stylists take an interest in a book that is fundamental to an Okinawan art? Because a closer look at this remarkable text opens up a widely different estimation, one that is both more expansive, […]


Bubishi Classic, Like You Have Never Seen Before (Updated)

Plum treasures our close affiliation with Lionbooks in Taiwan, both for their extensive library of authentic, hard-to-find martial arts literature, and the exceptional job they do of making these books beautiful. So, we are excited to announce their new english language study of the Bubishi, the foundational text of  Karate, including two Bubishi manuals, both […]