Principle-Driven Skill Development

martial principlesA book like Principle-Driven Skill Development was inevitable. The western attraction to de-construction can be highly functional and, as demonstrated here, is particularly applicable to martial principles.

In this book, teacher Russ Smith not only presents solid information but dissects years of experience to show the foundational principles of martial studies. He really thinks about how to get the most content from the “external” world into your “internal” brain (the true “internal” style). Instead of focusing on just series of techniques, this book concentrates on things like gate control, penetration, timing, unified movement and more. If you are in any phase of teaching martial arts, there are many “lesson plans” to be had here.

Some of the variations in fighting technique might make you nod your head and suddenly see a new angle. By the same token, a previously hidden correlation that you have suspected for years may show you just exactly why some movements “fit together so perfectly.

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