Celebrating Skill and Friendship

Last week, we wrote about Sifu Donald Hamby’s Gathering of the Masters kung fu exhibition, showcasing some of the best traditional kung fu teachers and performers.

This week, we have some video footage that we shot while there. These three videos feature a smapling of the rare and unique forms we saw there—many of which come from the legendary Ark Yuey Wong and his Five Families Fist—as well as a good sampling of southern boxing style. Top notch performers, and everything from Elephant Boxing to Bagua Judge’s needles, Hakka Boxing right next to Monkey Fist.


Part 1
Eagle Claw Applications 0:13
Fu Jow Pai 0:29
Lau Gar Stick 1:04
Elephant Boxing 1:36
Shaolin Short Strike 2:19
Heaven Mountain Comet 2:48
Hung Boxing 3:50
Lau Gar Fist 5:55
WuDang Tai Chi 6:28
Eagle Claw 8:55
Eagle Boxing 9:29
Eagle Claw Applications 10:06

Part 2
Silat 0:14
Double Sword 0:43
Tiger Boxing 1:04
QiGong 1:38
Pek Kwar Short Form 2:16
Monkey Boxing 3:05
LiuHe BaFa 4:51
Tiger Crane Sparring Set 5:22
Bagua Needles 6:02
Miao Dao Section 6:39
PiGua Section 8:03

Part 3
Hakka Section 0:14
Hung Staff 1:52
5 Families Dragon Fist 2:23
Choy Li Fut 2:54
Yang Taichi Sword 3:24
Yang Tai Chi 3:51
NeiGong Internal Power Demonstration 5:02


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2 Responses to “Celebrating Skill and Friendship”

  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks very much for posting these!

  2. Sifu Donald Hamby says:

    Third annual gathering of the Masters was both exciting and forthcoming. It showcased a wide variety of traditional Chinese martial arts styles.Hung gar, wing Chun, choy Lee fut, praying mantis, Tai chi, just to name a few. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2019 for the fourth annual Gathering of the Masters. Help make 2019 a success.