Bubishi Classic, Like You Have Never Seen Before (Updated)


Plum treasures our close affiliation with Lionbooks in Taiwan, both for their extensive library of authentic, hard-to-find martial arts literature, and the exceptional job they do of making these books beautiful.

So, we are excited to announce their new english language study of the Bubishi, the foundational text of  Karate, including two Bubishi manuals, both in Chinese. The translator writes: “The first has been published before (in Japanese publications) but the second (which is in color) has never been published before. In fact, no one even knew it existed.”

And, of course, Plum will have copies!

When can I get them?

We expect these to land in about a week, and are accepting pre-orders right now. And we will post more information about the book and its heritage. International customers, this would be a great time to check out our new, less expensive postage rates!

UPDATE: First shipment completely sold out! That went fast. Second helping should be here around Dec 26.

How do I order?

Click the image above, or the link below to order. It may take a couple of seconds to load.


2 Responses to “Bubishi Classic, Like You Have Never Seen Before (Updated)”

  1. Nick Stew says:

    What are the postage costs to the UK?

  2. Plum Staff says:

    Hi Nick,
    So glad you asked! With our new shipping rates , ths heavy book will only cost just under $17 for one copy, and about $25 for two copies. Let me know if you need a rate for more than 2 copies.

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