International Shipping Rates Drop

birdsshippingWe’ve spent 20 years building a catalogue of hand-picked, traditional, rare books and videos. But every year the post office makes it a little harder to ship these fine products, at a reasonable rate, to our many international customers. The rise in prices has been so extreme that we’ve actually been subsidizing the costs. We also started on a long and winding road to find a cheaper rates.

And we have.

We found a shipping consolidator that provides, on average, about 20-30% lower prices than previous rates. And for larger, heavier orders, we can once again send packages surface mail, which is about 50% less expensive than any rates we have seen for a long time. Even FEDEX–2-5 days to most countries–is now affordable if you need it quickly.

Most standard airmail packages now arrive within 7-14 days. Surface mail can take up to two months and, as mentioned above, FEDEX is very fast. For the time being, our ordering page will still show an estimated dollar amount that, in many cases, will be more than we will actually charge you. We will continue to charge you based on the cost of sending the package to you. If you want a shipping quote before we send it, there is a place to select that when you submit your order.

We’ve been using this for about 3 months, and most of the bugs are worked out. Try us!

And if you need something quick for the holidays, we can now do that at a considerably lower price.

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  1. Walter says:

    Your efforts were successful, I can confirm, having received a package to the new mode some weeks ago, Thank you

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