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More from the Kong Han Goh Cho Kun Archives

Five Ancestors Fist is a famous and powerful style combining major techniques from the system. This second volume from Sifu Kun, Kong Han Goh Cho Kun continues archiving the important aspects of its no-nonsense training. Representative forms include Open Hands (Three Battle Cross), Short Dagger and Sai. In both cases of the weapons there are […]


Coloring in the Picture: Bubishi and Hakka styles

The Colorful Bubishi… We now carry both the Bubishi and the new Lion Books, General Tian’s Wubeizhi, with painted figures. This special copy is unlike all other copies presently known. In an amazing confluence of facts, we just happened to read the following footnote in Patrick McCarthy’s Book on Bubishi: … According to Mr. Yoza […]


Kong Han Ngo Cho: Five Ancestors of Kung Fu

What a great book! If you have any interest in Five Ancestors Fist (Ngo Cho Kun) or Southern Boxing in general, this large, well-illustrated volume is a must-have for your library. The Five Ancestors is one style that combines five forms of Kung Fu fighting. Its core style is TaiZu, named after an Emperor of […]


Five Ancestors (Ngo Cho/Wu Zu)

Five Ancestors is also known as Ngo Cho or, in Mandarin, Wu Zu Quan. This style of Kung Fu is a “Southern” branch. It’s claim is to be a direct branch of the Shaolin Temple.