One Good Return Deserves Another

This addition (or should I say re-addition) contains a few books that have been unavailable for years. We know that our cutomers are loyal, but even so, we’ve been surprised that people who’ve had these on their want list for more than five years (!) still want them the moment they become available again.

Mantis, Ziran and Chin Na booksThese first three–returned after years–are from noted master Gao Tao Sheng. These include the valuable Long Fist training that is still a part of Praying Mantis mastery.  We are also reinstating a Chin Na book containing a two-person set, a lot of ground fighting and endless locks and counter-locks.


Next comes Tai Tzu Boxing (Tai Tzu means Great Ancestor, referring to the soldier who founded the Song dynasty).  Though said to be a rough-and-tumble style, we have our doubts. The techniques in this book are well-executed, all for fighting, but suspiciously like so many applications from other styles We’ll let you judge for yourself.

We also have a nicely done book on ZiRan (Tzu Ran) or Naturalness Boxing. This was a breakthrough style (also linked to the Six Harmonies Boxing) that encouraged a kind of revelation approach as well as strong and unusual training. Among others, this style was a favorite of Wan Lai Sheng, a famous boxing teacher–in fact, the full title of this new volume is Wan Lai Sheng Ziran Men Studies.

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