George Xu Gives a Lesson

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We offer two new DVD presentations from George Xu, probably one of the most open-minded Chinese style instructors in the world today.

The first two-disk set (#25148) is a lecture demonstration where Teacher Xu, unerringly attempting to get to the heart of things, presents the principles of Yin and Yang and the relationship to the Internal Arts. He shows key exercises for Tai Chi, Bagua and Xing Yi along with a nice little Bagua linked form. You have to get used to George’s delivery but his choice of exercise, discussion of general principles and choice of curriculum can only be helpful, especially if you are involved with higher level practice or are a teacher yourself.

DVD #25147 (on the same page)  is essentially a lesson between George Xu and Susan Matthews, and shows Xu’s detailed instruction for postural corrections and the fine tuning that releases internal energies. Punctuated by Susan’s delighted revelations, this is like eavesdropping on an advanced level private lessons. Inspirational.

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