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New cover

UPDATE: It’s alive! Click HERE for book
Within the next two weeks, Plum will once again have the book  Wujishi Breathing Exercises  back in stock.

The original Hong Kong publisher let it go out of print. But we knew that this text was too important to lose, so Plum bought the copyright, re-scanned and re-set each page, added a new introduction and cover, and updated a bit of the language (we left in most of the colloquialisms.)

Original Cover

What is Wujishi? It was the first book in english to discuss, in depth, standing breathing exercise. It is comprehensive to the point of even including case histories of those people who used Wujishi to cure certain illnesses and conditions. It is detailed in the finer points of standing and breathing, micro- and macro-cosmic orbits, Qi movement and something the author refers to as “sticking to the Dan Tian.”

And because Cai Song Fang was a longtime student of Master Wang Xuan Jie of Yiquan fame, many Yiquan practitioners consider this book to be a crucial volume in their libraries, especially since books on Yiquan are few and far between.

We’ll make a new announcement when the book arrives!


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