DVD: Ten-Points on Qigong Essentials

Qigong Essentials: Controlling the Body DVD @plumpub.com

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There are at least 1000 Qigong sets and regimens, but fundamental to most (if not all of them) are some essential points. In this 30 minute DVD, Ted Mancuso talks about and demonstrates 10 universal principles involved in Qigong.  These movements describe all the major goals and stumbling blocks encountered in the early stages of learning Qigong.

2 Responses to “DVD: Ten-Points on Qigong Essentials”

  1. Ken Frankel says:

    This DVD is an excellent learning tool for beginners to qigong. Will you be producing any additional DVD volumes as part of this series?

  2. Rory Devaney says:

    This DVD every practitioner should own for their library. It teaches the most important concepts for any kind of Chi Gong, Tai Chi practice. By watching it you can tell that Sifu Ted teaches from years of experience. There’s many books, dvds you can own, this one should be the first one you should get. It teaches you what you should be doing, no new age fluff! I give it a AAA +++.

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