50 Ways to do Things Wrong, One Right Way

There’s an old saying, “Learn from your mistakes.” And of course I see the sense of this. But some students have the slightly mistifying habit of wanting to back track for everything. This can be useful in the martial arts but in most cases they are not such a big help. If you were composing a mathematical proof it would be essential. If you are wondering how you lost all your money in blackjack, it is probably a waste of time unless you are a card counter in which case you wouldn’t have lost all our money.

When corrected they often say, “Really, let me see what I was doing.” There’s a lot wrong with this idea. If you made the mistake in the first place there’s a pretty good chance your skill level is just about good enough to not know the difference between good and bad but ALSO just about at the pont where you could not fix it anyway by back tracking.

Let me help. Just go ahead. In Kung Fu training there are 5000 ways to do things wrong and about two to doing them right. If you back track through all the mistakes you are going to manufacture for the rest of your studies you will spend A LOT of time rethinking the unthinkable.

Think of correct as being something inherently different from wrong, because it lives in another world. When you get there, you’ll know and the way you got there, including every mistaken step, will disappear in a pleasant shift of sun through the trees… and that will be all.

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  1. patrick says:

    Heh, heh, most people I know rather do the 50 wrong ways. =D

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