Search and Rescue

Do you believe in reincarnation? Plum does!

That’s what’s behind our newest push to bring scarce and out of print material back into print. This past year, we have re-doubled our efforts to seek out publishers and authors with the purpose of reviving their work, whether we take on the printing ourselves, or cajole them to do it. Dragon Stretches Its Claws, Lung Ying Mor Kiu (Dragon Fist Rubbing Bridge), Xing Yi Nei Gong, Luo De Xiu’s  and Marcus Brinkman’s work

The first of these to make its debut last week was Plum’s reprint of Xing Yi Nei Gong. We tired of waiting for the publisher, so we made arrangements to publish it ourselves.

Wu Meng Xia Annotations on Tai Chi @ plumpub.comScience of Internal Strength by Zhang Nai Qi @ plumpub.comAppearing this week are fresh copies of our newest printing collaboration: Wu Meng Xia’s Annotations on Tai Chi and the return of Science of Internal Strength. And look for some of those sought-after DVDs from Marcus Brinkman and Luo De Xiu to surface in the coming weeks.

More? Yes! But that’s for the next post…we have some nice surprises planned.

4 Responses to “Search and Rescue”

  1. Rick says:

    All I can say is awesome! And thank you for helping to keep this knowledge available, and alive!

  2. Plum Staff says:

    Thanks, Rick! Your continued support and enthusiasm is part of what keeps us doing this work!

  3. Jon Crump says:

    Is there a mailing list to be kept up to date with new releases?


  4. Plum Staff says:

    Hi Jon,
    If there is a specific title you are interested in, email us (you can use the contact form). In general, just keep an eye on this weblog for ALL announcements of new material. You can sign up for RSS in the upper right corner of the weblog, and I believe you will get notice of new posts.

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