Quality at a good an even better Price!

It’s not often, these days, that you hear good news about prices. But here at Plum we delight in bringing you the highest quality at the best prices, so it is an especially great day when we can announce significant reductions in one of our finest collections: books and DVDs from Sifu Jason Tsou’s production company.

You’ve probably read our praises, before, of both Tsou Sifu and Master Su Yu Chang (also represented in several DVDs); they are in the lineage of GM Liu Yun Chiao and Wutan, and the depth and creativity they apply to their teachings is top-level.

But what about the prices? Well, here are a couple of examples: their Chin Na Manual (including 2 DVDs) has been repriced from $89.95 to $49.95. The excellent two disk series on Tai Chi Push Hands, previously about $62.00 after Plum’s discount, is now $39.95. And the list goes on…

Below are links to each newly priced book and DVD:

Jason Tsou: Random Circle (2 DVD set) on Push Hands

Jason Tsou: Secrets of the Dragon (2 DVD set) on Bagua Chi Kung

Jason Tsou: Harmony in Transition (2 DVD set) on Tai Chi Chi Kung

Su Yu Chang: 5 Element Chi Kung (single DVD)

Su Yu Chang: 12 Meridian Chi Kung (single DVD)

Su Yu Chang: 18 Lohan Chi Kung (2 DVD set)

Jason Tsou: Taking Control of Energy–ChinNa Manual: Book & 2 DVD set

Jason Tsou: Yang Style Tai Chi–The Untold Story

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