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Plum December Sale Catalogue

We thought we would try something different this year, and pick out some of our favorite books and DVDs—a few older, many more recent—to highlight for a December sale. Plum carries over 3000 books, VCDs and DVDs, so choosing among them is not easy, but we at least made sure we have enough copies to […]


Southern Shaolin Fists and a Pole

    Three energetic offerings from the Southern Shaolin Temple: a ‘light’ fist (Golden Arhat Light Fist), a ‘heavy’ fist (12 Pound Fist) and a Shoulder Pole shaped like a long thick cigar (sometimes a cigar is only a shoulder pole). By the way, these inexpensive VCDs ($7.95 each!) come with english subtitles. Click each […]


Restocked: Chinese/English Books with VCDs

Back in stock: We (and many customers) have been enjoying this new series out of China: nicely photographed books of various routines in both Chinese and English, with accompanying VCDs in Chinese with English subtitles. An excellent price for these well designed packages…click each to go to page to view and order.


The Kung Fu Staff

This is all you get to see of Plum’s newest book and DVD arriving (next?) Thursday. You have heard us say before that every book and dvd we produce at Plum is a labor of love; the word “labor” is particularly pertinent to this set, in that it took us much longer than we had […]


The Bandit in the House: Plum’s Newest Publication

In this 210 page book, illustrated with over 100 photos, Ted teaches the Shaolin Bandit Knife. This weapon that is rarely demonstrated, much fun to play, and—with such movements as “body spin under knife”—also makes a traditional and beautiful performance set. Plus, for the first time, an extensive usage section tests the Knife against its worthy opponent, the Spear.