Plum December Sale Catalogue

We thought we would try something different this year, and pick out some of our favorite books and DVDs—a few older, many more recent—to highlight for a December sale. Plum carries over 3000 books, VCDs and DVDs, so choosing among them is not easy, but we at least made sure we have enough copies to satisfy demand—many of our regular offerings are in short supply due to scarcity.

Click each picture and it will take you to the page to order.

Wujishi Breathing Exercises, Reg $16.95 / Sale $13.95

Blossoms in the Spring, Book & DVD, reg $34.50 / SALE $29.95

Liu He Tang Lang (6 Harmony Mantis 3-DVD set, reg $90 / SALE: $80

Spirit of the Stars: Navigating Your Fate With Polestar Astrology, Reg $38 / SALE $32.95

Mizong Jia, Reg $38 / SALE $32.95

Evolution of Wing Chun Kicking Techniques, Reg. $38.95, SALE $33.95

Ted Mancuso’s Weapons Book/DVD packages: Spear, Bandit Knife, Saber, Staff. Reg $27- $35 / SALE: 10% discount for individual volumes or $110 for the set of 4

Life Is Too Short For Bad Kung Fu, Reg $34.95 / SALE: $29.95, or buy with Lone Sword and get the set for $45

Lone Sword Against the Cold Cold Sky, Reg $22.45 / SALE $20, or buy with Life Is Too Short and get the set for $45

Malaysian Masters 2-DVD set, Southern Kung Fu, Reg $40 / SALE $32

You Shen (Swimming Dragon) Bagua Zhang, Reg $62.95 / SALE: $56.95

Falk’s Dictionary of Chinese Martial Arts Deluxe ed Reg $56 /SALE $50; Hardcover ed Reg $80 / SALE $72.95

Spirit of Five Animals Reg $19.95 / SALE $16.95

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