The Kung Fu Staff

This is all you get to see of Plum’s newest book and DVD arriving (next?) Thursday.
You have heard us say before that every book and dvd we produce at Plum is a labor of love; the word “labor” is particularly pertinent to this set, in that it took us much longer than we had originally anticipated: yes, about 9 months to produce. The project kept growing and took on a life all its own. Every time we were about to say “STOP! Publish!” the book whispered, “…but if you just add this one section, it will make it so much better…”

What will land on our doorstep on Tuesday is a book a bit over 200 pages, and a DVD almost 2 hours long. Between the two you will get a complete form (the Nine Province Staff) along with detailed form instruction and corresponding applications; basics and fundamentals of staff work; partner training; the staff in history, myth and fiction; and, as is typical with Plum, a whole lot more. The DVD itself is so detailed in its teaching that it could easily be described as private instruction.

Check back in a couple of days for the arrival announcement and, of course, an introductory special price for the set.

 Update: Well…the books and DVDs have arrived, but—the DVD has a flaw so it’s back to the duplicator’s for a new burn. Sorry! We were so looking forward to having them available. Check back for updates.


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  1. Jeff says:

    Oh no. Now I’m going to have to buy this, too.

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