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Practiced Intent

Internal martial practice is an important step to deepening and improving your kung fu. In this video, Sifu Ted Mancuso demonstrates and teaches a short exercise learned decades earlier from Sifu Wing Lam, for developing and incorporating intent into movement. Following the instruction is an interview with Ted, where he further elbaorates on these concepts. […]


Inner Circle Tai Chi Daily Neigong

Our illustrious and accomplished colleague and friend in Sacramento, Sifu Robert Nakashima, has generously created and shared his daily Neigong routine. Running about 20 minutes, even just watching this video provides calm and comfort, although getting up and trying it yourself is highly recommended. The setting, the presentation, even the light chirping of birds in […]


Stand Still, Be Fit

The CDC released some disturbing data on falls for the year 2017. More than one in four seniors experienced falls. Among Americans, falls were the number one cause of injury and death from injury. The CDC recorded 29 million falls, 3 million emergency room visits, resulting in $31 billion in medicare costs. Most alarming was […]


Personal Practice

What is a practice? What can it do? Practice is not just a workout. It is a recognition of engagement at that moment. It records, immediately, every nuance expressed in your story, laying those tiles piece by piece. Often, workouts sidestep the mind and can barely be remembered by dinnertime. From practice we recall the […]


Celebrating Skill and Friendship

Last week, we wrote about Sifu Donald Hamby’s Gathering of the Masters kung fu exhibition, showcasing some of the best traditional kung fu teachers and performers. This week, we have some video footage that we shot while there. These three videos feature a smapling of the rare and unique forms we saw there—many of which […]


Xing Yi and Taijiquan: 2 New Items

There is such a diversity and quality of materials on all major Kung Fu styles, that we sometimes can’t keep up with the new postings. Here is a version of probably the most famous and popular of Xing Yi style two-person sets: An Shen Pao. Not only does it  pair up the two players from […]


QA: Qigong and Neigong

Dear Sifu Mancuso, Is the difference between qigong and neigong simply a matter of intention, so for example, could many qigong routines become neigong ones by simply a change of focus or mental attitude, and vice versa? Thank you, Thomas Kiefer A great question, Thomas, if for no other reason than I am sure my […]


Bagua Zhang on the Inside: Tom Bisio’s Newest Book

Not that many years ago, there were hardly more than a couple of books in english on Bagua Zhang: texts by Robert Smith, Lee Ying Arn, maybe one or two others. 40 or more years later, the list is still relatively short, but a few names start to emerge as important and original contributors (as […]