Bagua Zhang on the Inside: Tom Bisio’s Newest Book

Tom Bisio's Bagua Circle Walking Nei Gong

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Not that many years ago, there were hardly more than a couple of books in english on Bagua Zhang: texts by Robert Smith, Lee Ying Arn, maybe one or two others. 40 or more years later, the list is still relatively short, but a few names start to emerge as important and original contributors (as opposed to well-needed translators.) One of these is Tom Bisio, who enriches the field with each new entry.

His newest book NOW available at Plum, is Bagua Circle Walking Nei Gong: The Meridian Opening Palms of Ba Gua Zhang. Drawing on his own knowledge as an acupuncturist, conversations and lessons from Zhao Da Yuan, along with notes taken from the famous Li Zi Ming, Tom has produced a book not only of tips on how to walk the Ding Shi (the same as in his DVDs) but also which meridians correspond to which animals.

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