Meditation’s Secret Treasure

One person's unexpected journey in an unsuspected world. Meditation’s Secret Treasure, by Steve Strasnick, is the story of someone who was not already indoctrinated with mystical assumptions, who did not bring a cosmology (at least, not a religious one) to the table. Yet, he found himself  “Awakening to the Mystical World,” despite his feeling about himself that he was not “inclined” in that manner. How would it be for you to abruptly find yourself in an “alternate reality” without prior experience?

There is nothing predictable in Strasnick’s experience or studies–he has been a graphic designer and taught political science at Stanford; he has extensively studied psychology and practiced martial arts and dance–that prepared him for this journey. He was simply chosen and this is his story.

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  1. I do have the personal understanding of meditation’s benefits for all other aspects of life, and I practice it in different forms at different times including zhanzhuang standing meditation in the morning and mindful correlation of martial arts philosophy to life through my day. So there should be no doubt as to what a book like this could contribute to ones understanding, especially since reading is a form of meditation in and of itself, so that would start a novice on the road!

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