Iron Wire Fist Book Has Arrived

iron wire fistFinally. At last. The wait is over.

Lam Chun Fai’s Iron Wire Fist book/DVD, Tid Sin Kuen, has JUST arrived.

The 240 page book is bound in a heavy, textured paper wrapped cover, with both black-and-white and color interior pages. It also contains a bonus 9 minute DVD of Sifu Lam performing key movements from the set, including several of the 12 Bridge Hands. The entire package is beautifully done, and we are so excited to have this for you.

This is an exquisite book on many levels: the attention to aesthetic detail is just the start. The layout is well-considered, with a nice fat color-coded section in the middle where Lam Sifu teaches the form. There are also sections on health benefits of this internal form (no applications, since it is not a fighting form). The photographs are large and clear, and the bonus DVD shows Lam Sifu demonstrating several of the 12 Bridge Hands that make up this important set in the Hung Gar system.

We know you’ve been waiting, so here is your chance! Click here or the book’s image to read more about this fine entry into the literature of Southern Chinese martial arts, and to buy copies.

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  1. Elliott Monds says:

    A Huge Thank You for All the Plum Staff does for Us. They bring the Best to Our Minds.

  2. Long Le says:

    I would like to thank you for the publish and making it available for everyone

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