First Book on Dai Style Xin Yi

Xin Yi QuanWe’ve been waiting for this, but did not really expect it for a long time: a book on Dai style Xin Yi. We’ve had many requests for DVDs and books on this subject but the pickings have been slim. This text details standing practice, elements and a special sequence of Eighty Trigram movements for flow. The landmark here is that the entire boxing style is presented through a classic Daoist perspective, with internal alchemy highlighted.

“Behind these words is a powerful teaching encouraging us to use our cultivation practice to connect with the Dao. The Dai Family Xin Yi internal alchemical martial arts system offers a method of understanding the “wordless teaching” of the Dao by experiencing it through our bodies, our breath, and our spirits. Through this understanding you will also be able to refine your martial skills. Some practitioners prefer to study Daoist philosophy before learning martial arts, not wanting to blindly enter into a system of study. Most traditional masters, however, require their students to have a least one year of dedicated practiced before exploring the related philosophy.”

We don’t know about the “year’s study” idea but here is a curriculum with both faces.

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