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C.S.Tang Tells the Story of XingYiQuan

Plum has worked with CS Tang for a long while. And after meeting and spending time with him a few years ago, our admiration deepened when we found that his breadth of information was made that much better by the thoughtful depth he brought to his subjects. His recent and new-to-Plum book, “The Mysterious Power […]


Three Texts: New, Old, Reborn

Our storms are done here (we hope). It seems like during the time we holed up and watched the wind change the landscape, we also acquired a host of new products and long unavailable reprints. We have just added three of these books, each in a different phase of the publishing process. NEW: First is […]


Li Tianji’s Xing Yi Legacy; Andrea Falk’s Dictionary

Plum is adding another text by Andrea Falk, a translation of significance to Xing Yi practitioners: Li TianJi’s The Skills of XingYiQuan;  311 pages, with hundreds of illustrations. This is a thorough text on the style handed down to Li Tianji from his father, Li Yulin. It’s very well laid out with sections covering basic […]


First Book on Dai Style Xin Yi

We’ve been waiting for this, but did not really expect it for a long time: a book on Dai style Xin Yi. We’ve had many requests for DVDs and books on this subject but the pickings have been slim. This text details standing practice, elements and a special sequence of Eighty Trigram movements for flow. […]


A Better Book Returns

The Xing Yi Boxing Manual has skipped in and out of being available for a while now. But all is forgotten with the new edition—revised and expanded—of this important Xing Yi text. As it says in our page description, this is not only a major book of instruction on the five elemental fists, but the […]


Sometimes They Come Back

A few more desirable Chinese-language books have found their way back to us, and we offer them for your enjoyment. As with many of these, they are limited in supply…click any picture to go to the page to read more about these books, or to order.