A couple of classics return: Taijiquan and Baguazhang

It’s ALWAYS good news when we are able to announce the restocking of important texts. The Chinese books, especially, can be very difficult to keep and often it can be months or even years between having them available. So to get two at once is a real joy.

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The first is Wei ShuRen’s “True Description of the Art of Yang Style Taijiquan. This beautiful hardcover contains teachings on how Yang Style Tai Chi actually works, with full-color illustrations. It is rare for us to have all three of the Wei Shuren books in stock at the same time, but at the time of this writing, we also have small stacks of his Yang Style 37 Steps and his student’s ever-popular Yang Tai Chi’s True Narrative (now gone!)—each found lower down the page.

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The other title is Cheng Style Bagua Branch Gao Style. This compilation, from Liu Feng Cai’s students (Liu was a direct student of Gao Yisheng,) is one of the more important books from that lineage. When it went out of print we kept requesting copies, and eventually it came back! Never doubt persistence in the martial arts.

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