From Chen to Cheng

Cheng Man Ching style TaijiTwo quick announcements: Long time student, teacher and enthusiast,  Nigel Sutton, has just published a very interesting book particularly if you are interested in the Cheng Man Ching style of Taiji. Though Cheng’s reputation has attracted its detractors in recent years, no one can deny the effect of his teachings in the United States, other non-Asian countries and even in regions such as Malaysia and Taiwan. There are a lot of stories mixed with a lot of thought and Mr. Sutton has created a book out of interviews of eight teachers, all in Chen’s lineage.

Chen style Taiji with Chen Zheng LeiWe have just posted the DVD edition of Chen Zheng Lei’s Lao Jia set, a newly remastered version with the narration added by Jack Yan. This fits in with Cheng’s popular set of books on Chen style Taiji, an authoritative and pretty comprehensive selection.

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