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The Role of Continuous Movement in Yang Style T’ai Chi Chuan

~Reprinted from T’ai Chi Magazine Millennial Issue, February 2000 At one time T’ai Chi was known as River Boxing (He Quan). The reason is obvious, even to the non-player. T’ai Chi’s smooth, continuous flowing motions move along like a gentle mountain stream turning and tumbling occasionally but never halting its fluid progress. And to make […]


Tai Chi Training Secrets: How Do You Practice Martially, When You Are By Yourself?

A recent letter from one of our favorite correspondents, Gary Shapiro, put the question: “We spoke about how practicing taiji with the martial aspects in mind enhances it’s health effects. So— how does that work?  Can one practice “martially” solo? (and how?).” In our newest video, Sifu Ted answers this and offers some training tips […]


Tutorial: Tai Chi Tips, Stepping

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes at Plum, you know how highly we prize basics as the foundation of good movement. ‘Stepping’ in Tai Chi, is one of those fundamentals that you might learn on the first day of class, and which you might be refining well into your advanced practice. We prepared a […]


From Chen to Cheng

Two quick announcements: Long time student, teacher and enthusiast,  Nigel Sutton, has just published a very interesting book particularly if you are interested in the Cheng Man Ching style of Taiji. Though Cheng’s reputation has attracted its detractors in recent years, no one can deny the effect of his teachings in the United States, other […]


Restocked Chinese Books: Yang Tai Chi and Tai Chi Ruler

A couple more books back, from across the ocean: Yang Tai Chi’s True Narrative – SC216, by Wang Yong Quan. Wang was the teacher to Wei Shuren. Wang studied at an early age from both Yang Jian Hou and Yang Chen Fu, and this book contains his transmissions he is passing down when in his […]


Yang Ban Hou style Tai Chi

The second son of Yang Lu Chan was named Ban Hou. He developed the Yang style to a high degree of fighting skill,  so much so that not many people actually wanted to study from him. This is possibly a reason that it is only in the last few years that his style has started […]


And Taiji too? And Taiji too…

YES! we have restocked two very important and hard to find Taijiquan texts too…just look!