Following the Seven Stars

Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Well, yes, Seven Star Mantis. Some people find it the original and most representative branch of the style. Some see it as foundational training to initiate  further Mantis growth.

For some unknown reasons we did not, till today, list the entire series of DVDs made by Jon Funk, Canadian Mantis practitioner and student of Al Cheng. The information in these DVDs  covers many Mantis forms with straightforward breakdowns and rather detailed applications. Also of interest is the fact that some of the forms associated with the Northern Style Mantis (which appears to be Wong Hon Fun’s term for his Seven Star Mantis with some possible  variations) are additionally represented in our ever-decreasing stock of Chinese books by Wong Hon Fun himself. We’ve included a link at the top of the page to those original texts. Kind of interesting as it allows for some cross-checking.

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  1. Thanks,Plum Folks. For some reasons there’s always controversy in chinese martial arts about Master Wong Hon Fun and Jon Funk. Well, here we have Alot of materials to choose our views. History and Time will be the Facts in the court. Bring the Light! Elliott.PS. Just My 2 Cents.

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