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3 Worthy Additions from Shifu Jou

Shifu Jou’s series of instructional and lecture DVDs has definitely attracted some attention. There is a tendency right now to emphasize the mainland, but people should not forget what a treasure trove of skill Taiwan is–at least for a little while longer. For instance, the first of the new ones presents an in-depth discussion/lecture on […]


Learn Shaolin Kung Fu … and Chinese

We have just re-stocked a popular en face (English/Chinese) series of books all on Shaolin Kung Fu. While all are both in English and Chinese, some have traditional and some simplified characters. Uncommon branches of Shaolin, including Shaolin Mantis, Kan Jia (Secret) and classic Shaolin are covered. A perfect way to pick up Chinese martial […]


Following the Seven Stars

Well, yes, Seven Star Mantis. Some people find it the original and most representative branch of the style. Some see it as foundational training to initiate  further Mantis growth. For some unknown reasons we did not, till today, list the entire series of DVDs made by Jon Funk, Canadian Mantis practitioner and student of Al […]


Shaolin and Eagles and Dragons and Tigers, Oh my!

Great news! Just got a nice delivery of Chinese books back into stock. Some of these have been gone a while, so dust off your want lists and dive in. Of particular note are the following (and we’ll do some further updating in later posts):