3 Worthy Additions from Shifu Jou

Mantis Kung FuPraying Mantis style Kung FuShifu Jou’s series of instructional and lecture DVDs has definitely attracted some attention.

There is a tendency right now to emphasize the mainland, but people should not forget what a treasure trove of skill Taiwan is–at least for a little while longer. For instance, the first of the new ones presents an in-depth discussion/lecture on core principles in Kung Fu.

These DVDs also confirm this view as Shifu Jou demonstrates, in his two new Mantis DVDs (among other styles,) a hard-edged, powerful and yet unpredictable mantis. That’s one of the great things about the style: that you can have a Paul Eng with his elegance and moving quietude, and a teacher like Jou with powerful, deceptive and unusual actions.

This lives up to a lively instruction I received when I attended a seminar with teacher Su Yu Chang. He said, “Even if your opponent dies, he will be happy to have seen the real mantis!”

We’re getting great reviews of Shifu Jou’s work, such as: “I would purchase anything the man puts out…” We’ve posted some reactions from early viewers, so take a look.


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  1. Jeff says:

    He is definitely the genuine article – a man of powerful technique and strong opinions.

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