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Many Great Titles

Plum has seen an upsurge in English language texts for Chinese Martial Arts. Great! However, this has taken some energy from the site’s mirror-side of Chinese texts. Not that we don’t have a pile of those, too, to catalogue, but they take a little more time due to translation, acquisition, etc. Still, we will try […]


The Passing of Porf Jou (Jou Po Fu)

It is with great sadness that we belatedly report the passing of Shifu Porf Jou, who died back in October. Jou Shifu was well-known in at least two areas: as a martial artist and teacher, and also as a  writer. From a martial perspective, his training was traditional, but he brought an original eye and […]


Taiwan’s Kung Fu Heart

Few “elders” in the art of Kung Fu give as much to their performance as Porf Jou (Jou Po Fu). We are definitely not talking about a sanitized, overly controlled performance, but one with a little grit and a large dose of character. We ADD three new offerings to Plum From Sifu Jou, each bearing […]


The Hakka Testimonial

300 Years of Hakka Kung Fu is definitely a gift book for a martial collector/scholar. Last year Hong Kong, after having erected a statue of Bruce Lee, sponsored an exhibition of 300 years of Hakka Kung Fu. This was a good decision because the cluster of Kung Fu styles that make up the constellation of […]


Restocks of Rare Editions, North and South

You’ve proably seen our little “Want List” boxes throughout the site. And you may have also noticed that some of them stay in the “not available” state for months without being taken down. Are we really trying to torture people? No, it’s just that hope springs eternal. For instance here are two products we thought […]


Mantis Exits the Cave: Sifu Paul Eng’s Last Book: NOW available

Sifu Paul Eng died almost one year ago. He left behind thousands of students; an ongoing school in California; loved ones; a reputation for kindness; memories of his skill and patience as a martial artist and teacher; and a short list of books and a DVD that he had published, the most notable being 5 […]


Following the Seven Stars

Well, yes, Seven Star Mantis. Some people find it the original and most representative branch of the style. Some see it as foundational training to initiate  further Mantis growth. For some unknown reasons we did not, till today, list the entire series of DVDs made by Jon Funk, Canadian Mantis practitioner and student of Al […]


QA: Is there a Mantis out there…?

I have been a student of Kung fu, kenpo, and tai chi since 1988. I am looking for praying mantis of a type I was taught, supposedly Chinese by way of Hawaii. It is a very rolled up approach to mantis emphasizing entering the opponent’s guard, employing hooking and grasping. It also emphasized attacking or […]


QA: Gong Li Quan

Dear Sifu Mancuso, Recently, I’ve been trying to learn more about Tan Tui’s brother: Gong Li Quan. I say “brother” because the two are both recognized as reliable, off-the-rack forms for developing general strength and skill in kung fu, and they’re both included in the Jing Wu curriculum (some of PlumPub’s own books even have […]


Book: Praying Mantis Locking Hand

Here is another book rescued from the past. This Koinonia Publications volume is The Locking Hand form of the Seven Star Mantis system. It is one of the few Koinonia books not written by Leo Fong, rather by Jose P. Chua. This one is a very early English language book on Mantis and consists almost […]