The DVD That Completes the Book

Bandit Knife DVD

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As we promised, though a little late, we have finally completed our DVD on the Bandit Knife form. This is the much-requested companion to our book, “The Bandit Knife: Kung Fu’s Rebellious Weapon.”

This new DVD fills in where the book left off, covering demonstrations of basic strikes, and a step-by-step breakdown of the complete form, with closeups detailing hand and foot positions. It even includes a short discussion on the place of weapons in Kung Fu training.

From now on, the book and DVD will be sold as a complete package, but for those of you who have already bought the book, we’ll contact you (or you can contact us) for a special offer to just buy the DVD.

4 Responses to “The DVD That Completes the Book”

  1. Jeff says:

    So glad you did this. I just ordered it.

  2. Plum Staff says:

    Thanks, Jeff!

  3. Marco Sainte says:

    Oh wow, I’d been waiting for this. Considering how good your book and dvd on Baguazuang was, I’m sure this combo on the Bandit Knife will be fantastic. I’ve been interested in this weapon for a while now, so I’ll be buying this as soon as my paycheck comes in. 😛

  4. Plum Staff says:

    Thanks, Marco!

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