Sunday Qigong Seminar Series: The Five Animal Frolics

Completing this summer’s Qigong seminar series at our own Academy in Santa Cruz, California, is the Five Animal Frolics. Said to be created by the legendary doctor Hua Tuo over 1500 years ago, this Qigong combines spirit and action to imitate Tiger, Deer, Monkey, Bear and Bird, and their corresponding representative states of consciousness. This particular set was developed by a famous sifu.

Although this particular Qigong is not specifically martial, Hua Tuo’s observations of animals are said to be the basis of the later 5 Animals of shaolin (although the animals themselves are slightly different.) Also, many of the held postures have a Xing Yi intent and concentration.

Ted Mancuso, Plum’s director and also the head instructor at the Academy of Martial and Internal Arts, with over 40 years experience in traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Energetics, will be teaching this delightful routine.

All Plum customers within shouting distance are invited, welcomed, and even discounted $10.00 off the seminar price of $45.00. Seminar is August 5, 1-4 pm, and more info can be found at our school site

5 Animals Bear Qigong @plumpub.com5 Animals Tiger @plumpub.com5 Animals Monkey @plumpub.com5 Animals Deer @plumpub.com5 Animals Bird

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