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The DVD That Completes the Book

As we promised, though a little late, we have finally completed our DVD on the Bandit Knife form. This is the much-requested companion to our book, “The Bandit Knife: Kung Fu’s Rebellious Weapon.” This new DVD fills in where the book left off, covering demonstrations of basic strikes, and a step-by-step breakdown of the complete […]


The Bandit in the House: Plum’s Newest Publication

In this 210 page book, illustrated with over 100 photos, Ted teaches the Shaolin Bandit Knife. This weapon that is rarely demonstrated, much fun to play, and—with such movements as “body spin under knife”—also makes a traditional and beautiful performance set. Plus, for the first time, an extensive usage section tests the Knife against its worthy opponent, the Spear.


37 Ways of Looking At a Bandit Knife

I’m sure you’ve had this experience, where something just gets away from you. You started to clean out that forbidden closet and ended up with your house under a fumigation tent. You decided to categorize all the photos on your computer and are still doing it four operating systems later. I decided to write a […]