37 Ways of Looking At a Bandit Knife

I’m sure you’ve had this experience, where something just gets away from you. You started to clean out that forbidden closet and ended up with your house under a fumigation tent. You decided to categorize all the photos on your computer and are still doing it four operating systems later.

The Bandit Knife by Ted MancusoI decided to write a book about one of the lesser known Kung Fu weapons, the Bandit Knife. The idea was a slim piece, just for the fun of it. I confess: I really didn’t mean to put in things like “The Qi of a Weapon”; the relation of Kung Fu and War; the translation of weapons and empty hand sets into one another. But now it’s done, and at the printer’s, and there’s nothing I can do because it’s on the top of our new Plum Publications list. At this point, the only remedy is to offer copies for sale to those people who might want to get lost on such a journey.

Over 200 pages (and some of it, even, about The Bandit Knife!) Here is Ted Mancuso’s tour of Kung Fu from the vantage point of weaponry. History, essays, a Shaolin form with breakdowns and applications. Over 100 photos. We haven’t seen anything quite like it in martial publications (but there are some good points, too!). The first and last book you will ever need on this particular instrument, unless you are a collector, in which case, you’ll want to buy two. NOT your grandmother’s Bandit Knife!  $19.95

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3 Responses to “37 Ways of Looking At a Bandit Knife”

  1. J. Andrews says:

    Congratulations!! We will all be eager to read this new book! Whenever Ted Mancuso comments on something, it’s worth reading!
    Great cover photo!

  2. Charlie says:

    I have never heard of the bandit knife, there is so much to learn. I already ordered a copy of sifu Mancuso’s new book and I can’t wait to receive.

  3. Plum Staff says:

    Hi Charlie,
    We expect it to be here by the end of the week!

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