Sun LuTang’s Xing Yi Quan Xue: Alive and Well

Sun LuTang's Xing Yi Boxing Studies (Xing Yi Quan Xue)

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I don’t think that we will ever get tired of announcing the returns of important works to martial artists, like today’s Xing Yi Xuan Xue: The Study of Form-Mind Boxing, which is now in stock at Plum.

When we first started Plum, a lot of our quest to ‘bring to light’ these works involved rummaging through dark old bookstores, and  tracking down old, forgotten publishers. We still love and do that work, but one thing has become evident: the exit of these fine, old texts is much quicker than their emergence. Bookstores close, publishers fold, warehouses empty. In plain and simple terms, these books are disappearing faster than they can be found.

Dan Miller and Albert Liu did a tremendous service to martial artists by collecting and translating these important pieces, and it seemed almost a crime to let this book disappear. So Plum gained the rights to reprint, so as to restore this book to its proper place: on the shelves of martial enthusiasts who crave and are nourished by the literature of their Art.

On to the next challenge!

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