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A Transformative Art—Tom Bisio on Xing Yi

Teacher Tom Bisio’s newest book, Xing Yi Quan: Art of Inner Transformation, is a well-balanced read on the fundamental ideas and goals of Xing Yi (Shape of the Will Boxing). It is a basics manual written by someone who has intimately absorbed the basics in his own training—in other words, he did not just learn […]


System, Not Style

We are pleased to offer this presentation—long overdue by us—of Di Guoyong on Xingyiquan, Sifu Di’s systematic explanation of that deeply loved and appreciated style, Xing Yi Quan. Contained in these three volumes is a full roster of forms along with comprehensive descriptions, from  basics all the way to weapons forms and partner practice. We […]


C.S.Tang Tells the Story of XingYiQuan

Plum has worked with CS Tang for a long while. And after meeting and spending time with him a few years ago, our admiration deepened when we found that his breadth of information was made that much better by the thoughtful depth he brought to his subjects. His recent and new-to-Plum book, “The Mysterious Power […]


Sun LuTang’s Xing Yi Quan Xue: Alive and Well

I don’t think that we will ever get tired of announcing the returns of important works to martial artists, like today’s Xing Yi Xuan Xue: The Study of Form-Mind Boxing, which is now in stock at Plum. When we first started Plum, a lot of our quest to ‘bring to light’ these works involved rummaging through […]