Chen ZhengLei’s Taijiquan Manuals–In English!

A couple of years ago, we had the great opportunity and pleasure to meet Sifu Jack Yan up in Toronto. In addition to his own work and teaching, he had taken on the task of translating his own Sifu’s manuals on Taijiquan. Grandmaster Chen ZhengLei, of course, is one of the tigers of Chen Style Taijiquan,  a 19th generation descendant of the Chen family, and a 11th generation direct-line inheritor of Chen’s Taijiquan.

When we heard that Jack had translated 3 of the 5 volumes, we immediately contacted him, and are happy to announce that, sometime next week, they should be available on Plum. We’ll have more to write when we catalogue them for the site, but we were so thrilled we wanted to let you know in advance.

Update: Books are now here and available. 

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  1. Giovanni Alonso says:

    Oh my goodness I cannot wait for these. Your site is amazing. I remember purchasing 5 forms of the Praying Mantis Style and they were incredible. Hearing about these Manuals will be great addition to my little growing Library. Thank you again to everyone for bringing these works.

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