A Lost Track Master Who Hasn’t Lost It

Lost Track Kung Fu @plumpub.com


The Chinese government, during the early 1980’s, conducted a survey of Chinese martial arts all through the nation. At the time Roger Hagood was somehow able to offer many of these recordings on his Wushu Survey series. This was a great boon to martial artists because these videos were not even available to people living in China, much less to foreigners. There were some beautiful performances and a lot of tournament trivia but it was highly educational to see the contrasts between the new competition routines and the indigenous Kung Fu skills of the common folk. Now the Old Masters series overseen by Professor Kang Ge Wu is also bringing out some of these videos which were never offered through Roger’s tapes. In addition they are subtitling the general instructions for how to perform the set, rough as the video may be, shown by that particular master. We intend to pick our way through these and pass on the best and the most interesting. We start this phase of the gleaning by offering a performance by  Cang Country Lost Track master Chen Feng Qi who was, at that time, 72 years old.

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